Geckobot Max 1A

Create Values For this Industry

We solve the pain points

Qualification certificate for working at heights is required, and the wage increases during peak cleaning hours. The limited workforce became of the bottle neck of the growth of the industry

Challenges in Recruiting

The accident rate of this height cleaning is second only to mining. There was a total of over 100 death every year. The traditional hanging-in-air operation must be changed and optimized

Spider-Man Accidents Are Often

Insurance companies have been reluctant to insure workers in this industry as it is one of the top risky works in the world. This only makes it even more difficult to find enough labor

Insurance Company is reluctant 

Core Features And Advantages

Negative Pressure suction

There were 8 suction cups in the bottom of the device. With the patented cup material and auto vacume-make-up system,  the robot can suck on the facade very firmly. It can resist to wind up to 6 grades. The robot can even suck on Inverted bevels

Move On Wheels

There were 4 wheels in the bottom of the device. Wheels make the  robot and go anywhere as it's appointed and able to stride over obstacles up to 1cm Suction cups and wheels co-works to make the robot move robot move smoothly and stablely on the facade

Real-time Image 

High-solution cameras are used in the robot. Panoramic video transmission so we can see around clearly from the screen of the remote control. This allows the user to check the cleaning effect in the real-time to easy to fix incidents

Portable And Convenient

The robot has a portable size that makes it easy for only one person to carry it, move it, set it up, and handle all operations. It gives the users great flexibility to deploy robots and maximize productivity

Multi-control Romote

One remote controller can control up to 5 robots, which means you only need one man to do the work that has to be done by 12 spidermen before. It greatly increases the efficiency.

AI Control System

The robot combines machine vision, multi-sensors, and a deep learning system. It can be self-navigated and calculated as the best paroling path for maximizing the cleaning effect and power consumption efficiency. 

Easy To Set Up

Only takes 30 minutes to set up the roof device

It only takes five minutes for ground set up

Robots Workable For

Total Flat No frame Fecade

Frame in vertical direction

Aluminum Composite Panels

Any surface that is smooth and without obstacle higher than 1cm

Great Cleaning Performance

Geckobot Pro does not sacrifice any cleaning performance for its efficiency. Instead, it cleans even the same well as manually. 

The cleaning system includes atomization nozzles for spraying water on windows, water distribution channels, brush, and wipers. Wipers are installed on both the top and bottom sides of the robot. So the cleaning process follows the pattern of washing with simple water, rubbing it with a custom-made brush, and wiping it twice which is almost a replica of human cleaning.

Highly Efficient/Great Investment

We know well that safety is not the only thing our clients are concerned about. Efficiency is also key. With its one-to-more remote controller, powerful cleaning mechanism, battery power, easy setup, and portable sizes. one operator of Geckobot can handle the workload that has to be born by 3 spidermen or even more. Meanwhile, it gives our clients more flexibility to deploy their workforce.

In addition, Geckobot can clean the area that may be unreachable for spidermen. More and more super high buildings are being built nowadays. It is a trend that human beings will go upper to the sky. Intelligent cleaning robots like Geckobot will certainly be a better tool to do that job that human can not. 

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