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Thanks to its exquisite design, high cleaning efficiency, easy operation, highly safe working mode, and many other advantages, Geckobot Pro 1S has been overwhelmingly welcomed in the market ever since it was officially launched. Many well-known brands have established the partnership with Lystar. 

Lystar has been working with clients among industries of real estate, property management & maintenance, professional cleaning company, hotel, manufacturer, and more. The product is applied for building glass facade cleaning, massive solar panel cleaning, giant container inner cleaning, and other special cleanings. The joint cooperation units include Silicon Valley HAX, Peking University Science and Technology Park, Xiamen University, Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huaqiao University, Xiamen Institute of Technology, Boya Architectural Design Company, Fujian Taocheng Construction Company, etc. At present, the service covers 12 large, medium and small cities across the country, achieving the first place in the application of glass curtain wall robots, and the total cleaning area exceeds one million square meters

Not only popular in China market, Lystar products are being sold to Middle-east, and South-east Asia, America, and other areas.  

Projects Show Case

Shenzhen huarun Builiding

ARAMCO Headquarter

China Architecture Science Museum

Beijing COFCO HQ

XIAN Wangfujing Shopping Mall

Xiamen Guojin Square

Xiamen Lingyun Building

Xiamen Wanan HQ

Shenzhen Citizen Center

Dow Chemical Workshop

Xiamen Xinhua Insurance Building

Xiamen Airline

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